How to overcome your fear of flying.

January 31, 2018

People find it funny that I have a fear of flying when my dad himself is a pilot. Traveling the world is what I love doing the most, however, because I have this fear, a lot of my plans from the past gets cancelled when i am not flying with

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Finding the right online business.

January 22, 2018

Congrats! You are probably reading this blog because you want to change your life, and you want more time and financial freedom. When deciding to start an online business, you want to make sure you are in the right path. It

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Tips and checklist on what to pack for a vacation.

January 15, 2018

The sun is shining and Galapagos is calling! You instantly take out your smartphone to announce to all and sundry about your airport check-in and wham! That death-ringing tone of low battery reminds you that you forgot to charge your phone o

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How to spend 4 days in Los Angeles, California.

January 10, 2018

Los Angeles – the metropolis of my dream residence. The southern Californian city has so much to offer. From its beaches to the iconic Hollywood sign, to behind the scenes studio-tours of Universal, Paramount Pictures and Warner Brothers.

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