Other Ways to Earn

If you are good with the clicks, you can actually sell your travel photographs to various magazines and publications. I recommended taking a few professional courses to polish your skills before hitting your next destination.
Tour Guide
If there is a place you have been to a lot of time, and still want to revisit it a few more times then why not become a tour guide! Sounds crazy but telling people about a place can be just as interesting as learning about it. Plus, you make a few bucks.
Work On A Cruise Ship
What better way to travel the world than joining the crew of a cruise ship! You get paid for something you love. It is the closest you can get to feeling like a modern day pirate. You just need to know how to ace the interview.
Teach English
As a native English speaker in a non-English speaking country, you can make money by becoming an English language teacher. Get your TEFL certification online and maximize your chances of getting a job overseas.

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